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What to Expect After Hiring an HR Provider

You've recently hired a qualified HR provider; hats off to you! Perhaps you became overwhelmed with handling everything, or you just wanted to be proactive before things started to get out of hand.

Whatever the situation, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for making a wonderful decision in your company's best interest!

...but now what? What can you expect from the HR provider you just hired? Continue reading to find out what you can expect from us!

Policy Audit, Revision, and/or Creation

We'll work closely with you to learn about your company's current culture and create policies that are compliant with HR laws and regulations that align specifically with your business.

We'll create a clear and concise handbook (or update the one you have currently) that outlines your organization's policies and guidelines and will serve as the reference tool for both your staff and management.

No more excessive worrying over whether you covered all the bases on the contract you drafted. Our certified team will compose the perfect contract that secures both you and your company.

Staffing Assistance

Fumbling when it comes to new hire forms is a sure way to get yourself fined. So, to take the load off your shoulders, we'll make it our responsibility to manage the entire employee life cycle which can include:

  • Recruiting/onboarding

  • Employee retention

  • Performance reviews

  • Compensation analysis

  • Disciplinary actions

  • Separations


An HR audit is an in-depth examination of a company's HR practices, policies, and procedures to determine what areas of the company are working and which need improvement.

We'll assess your current practices and procedures, compare our findings to what is within HR laws and regulations, suggest areas of change, and implement compliant employment and best HR practices.

Furthermore, we will re-evaluate the new state of your organization and provide you with ongoing support to ensure total compliance.

Honest Support

The most important thing to expect after hiring an HR provider is honesty. As your organization grows, you can take comfort in knowing that we've truly got your back. We want only the best for you and your company! To accomplish the best, we prefer honest relationships with our clients.

If there is any area that requires improvement, you can guarantee a call from us. Should we discover that you're out of compliance, rest assured you'll be the first to know!

Contact us for a free consultation and begin working with one of our qualified HR consultants today!

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