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HR Audits

In a world of constantly changing rules and regulations, it's easy to let things fall through the cracks. We'll conduct audits to identify any HR gaps, and then help with an action plan to get your internal practices current to protect your company and employees.


Policy Review/Creation

Whether you are a start-up needing a Handbook and other policies created from scratch, or simply need assurance that your current policies are complete and compliant, Elevated HR can help you every step of the way.



Did you know that Federal and State laws mandate that certain company files be held for a set period of time? We'll make sure your filing systems are compliant. We can also ensure you have all the necessary documents, and they are completed and signed. And labor posters... we've got you covered there as well!


FLSA Guidance

FLSA cases are costly and time-consuming. Let us give you peace of mind by evaluating your employee classifications and ensuring your employees are in the appropriate categories as regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act. We also ensure that you are compensating employees as according to Federal law!


Staffing Assistance

Need help recruiting the right people or retaining the top talent you have? We'll be there to assist you throughout the entire employee life cycle. Whether it's performance reviews and compensation analysis, or disciplinary actions and separations, we can provide the support you need along the way.


And More!

Everything from creating your basic website to notarizing your documents!

Contact us today to see how we can assist your business!

With fully customizable consulting & outsourcing packages to fit your business needs, Elevated HR can support everything from the as-needed requests to the long-term support. Whether you need occasional assistance with an undesirable situation or a full HR audit and revamp, we've got you covered.

Consider us your dedicated HR professional, without the full-time HR Director price!


Create or Audit Key HR Documents

Employee Handbooks | PTO policies Documentation Logs | Disciplinary Forms

Onboarding Documents | Offer Letters

Performance Reviews | Compensation Changes Accident Reports | Termination Paperwork

Business Meeting

Provide Expert Guidance

Personnel File Audits | Employee Classifications

Risk Analysis | Compliance

Employee Performance Reviews | PIPs

Compensation Analysis

Employee Relations | Unemployment Claims

Workers Compensation Claims

Exit Interviews

Start-up Services

Need help getting your business up and running? We've got you covered!

Policy Creation

From Handbooks to Contracts to New Hire Forms, we can help with all your start-up policies!


Everything from what posters you're required to display to how you classify your employees!


Need a basic website to showcase your new business? Yes, we do that too!

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