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Employee File Must Haves

Employers are responsible for maintaining proper files for each employee if they wish to remain compliant. To accomplish this, you should first understand that all employee documents should be kept in either a main file or a confidential file.

Only those working in management or Human Resources should have the authority to access an employee's confidential file.

Main File

In your employee's main file, you would typically want to include documents such as:

  • Pre-hire information (i.e. application, background check authorization)

  • Personal/contact information

  • Forms specific to your company (i.e. handbook acknowledgment, Offer Letter, other agreements)

  • Job Description

  • Performance appraisals/evaluations

  • Disciplinary Action forms or documentation

  • Any termination/separation documents

Confidential File

To remain in compliance, be sure to separate an employee's main file from their confidential file and keep it in a secure location.

In your employee's confidential file, you'd include documents such as:

  • Form I-9

  • Benefits information

  • Emergency Contact Form

  • Any medical information


Employee files can be stored in paper form and/or digitally. If you like to keep things simple and choose the paper method, be sure to keep the main file separate from the confidential file and ensure that both files are locked in a file cabinet. If you'd like to store employee files digitally as well, please be sure that only the necessary people have access (typically management and HR) and take note that it's in your best interest to require passcodes to access the files.

It's also important to note that personnel files should be maintained for a minimum of one year after separation. We recommend storing terminated files for seven years, as this typically covers state and federal statutes limitations.

For assistance with employee files and other HR business functions, feel free to click the link below to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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