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Benefits of an On-Site Daycare

We are experiencing a significant decline of parents in the workforce largely due to childcare issues.

In a report written by an equal rights charity, it was found that about a quarter of a million mothers have quit their jobs since the pandemic because of the difficulty of balancing work and childcare.

Childcare is typically expensive, and many organizations lack flexibility; however, some employers are rising to the challenge by opening quality onsite daycares with lower costs as part of their noncash compensation program.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of having an onsite daycare!

Time Allocation for Employees

In addition to the fact that childcare is unaffordable for some families, many parents have difficulty allocating time for drop off and pick up. As a result, employees are often late for work and have trouble being productive throughout the day, or worse, they feel they have no choice but to resign from their position to stay home with their kids.

Having a daycare onsite eliminates the specific issue of "not enough time" as parents will have fewer stops and can therefore show up each day on time and prepared to work.

Increased Employee Morale

Employees feel a sense of appreciation and loyalty to their employer because a huge amount of stress has been lifted off of their shoulders.

The relief of this stress improves the mental and emotional condition of the employees and allows them to focus more on their jobs and the goals of the company.

Employee Performance Boost/Compliance

It is common knowledge that new parents find it extremely difficult to leave their newborn in the care of someone else, even if the caretaker is family. This feeling of separation can cause anxiety and nervousness, resulting in a performance decline.

The situation can be even worse for mothers who are breastfeeding. Along with separation anxiety is the need to pump during the day. As all of the emotions of being a new mother are happening, performance tends to go downhill.

Onsite daycares take care of all these issues for your employees. Parents can focus knowing their little one is near- meaning performance can continue at a steady pace, and you can take solace in knowing that mothers who breastfeed can focus on their work, and take breaks to go feed their child.

Wrap up

Although many different factors have to be considered to open an onsite daycare, the rewards are long-lasting, and your return will be much more than just monetary.

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