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Are Your Employees as Engaged as You Think They Are?

Recent studies show that company leaders are mistaken when it comes to how engaged their employees are. In a survey, 83% of company leaders reported believing their workforce was fully engaged when in reality, only 48% of employees said they would consider themselves fully engaged.

That's a large gap! Clearly, there's a miscorrelation between how leaders perceive engagement and how engaged the employees really feel.

Where is the Disconnection?

The large gap between what employers think and what employees feel can be traced back to the fact that employers are not conducting enough research. Although time-consuming, frequent research through company surveys - on subjects such as job satisfaction and engagement - would bridge the gap.

Another possible cause of such a wide gap could be that employees do not fully understand employee engagement and cannot accurately respond to questions on the subject. This goes back to company research as meetings and training sessions to discuss engagement would be a probable solution to this issue.

Improve Engagement

Employees who love their jobs are usually the most engaged!

Here's what you can do to improve engagement:

-Work with your HR provider to develop and conduct a survey to gauge current engagement (utilize results to target an action plan).

-Focus on employee retention.

-Offer employee development (training & career advancements).

-Reward employees for their work and achievements.

-Incorporate frequent team-building exercises.

Wrap Up

You want to be sure that the perception you have regarding employee relations is accurate. Being too far from the truth can be detrimental for some companies... don't let that be the case for yours!

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