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Why Partner with an HR Consultant?

For start-ups and growing small businesses, available resources are usually pretty scarce. It can be difficult to assign additional tasks to busy staff members who don't necessarily have the time or expertise. So, what do you do when you need to tackle HR projects?

You partner with an HR consultant, of course!

But what are you really getting out of consulting services? Read on to learn more.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an HR consulting firm is gaining expert advice with no long-term commitment. Hiring a full-time HR Director, on the other hand, locks you into not only a yearly salary, but other costs such as employer taxes, healthcare benefits, PTO, retirement, and more, for as long as the HR professional is employed with your business.

Although consultants generally have a higher hourly rate than W2 employees, you're saving on the cost of providing those additional benefits. Plus, you can use your consultant as little or as often as needed based upon your unique business needs and timing. Not to mention, many consultants will offer discounts on project pricing, or allow you to pay on retainer for their services.

Another benefit of partnering with an HR consultant is the unbiased, outside opinion they offer. Oftentimes, internal staff members form certain opinions about the company, culture, management, or coworkers that can affect their ability to make sound decisions. With an HR consultant, there is no former relationship to the company or employees to cloud their judgement.

Minimizing risk is a third substantial reason to hire an HR consultant. Performing audits to your policies and procedures, reviewing employee classifications, and ensuring your business is compliant with relevant state and federal labor laws are just a few items your consultant can help you with. He or she can also assist with difficult situations like performance issues, FLSA claims, Worker's Compensation, exit interviews, and much more.

Let's not forget about the time savings that HR consultants offer as well! Small business owners and managers are already overwhelmed with all the tasks on their to-do list. They simply don't have time to spend on HR projects. Outside consultants will take care of those projects so that business owners can concentrate on more important things... like their bottom line!

Ultimately, we can list thousands of reasons to partner with an HR consultant, but these are just a few to get you started. Contact us to learn more about how Elevated HR Consultants can provide benefits to your business!

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